Battle Cry Of A Warrior

By Karen Arlaiza O.

No parade of feet thumping on the streets
No people buzzing through heat despite being beat

A lethal virus that took away our days living under the sun.
An unforeseen force that took the fault for the fall of man.
It freezes the land where human reigns, It left people no time for even fear to feign. All became afraid of the outside world Where no one secures of your safety.
As it spreads fast in every depths and corners of this country, It left people no choice but to be weary.

People were forced to stay locked inside, not passing beyond their doors But some were forced to leave the place they called home.
Unsung heroes were left of no choice but to take a step forward, Unto the land where there’s no tomorrow that awaits They took the role of knights who serve to save!
Amidst the deafening silence brought by COVID-19,
Frontliners took the lead in battling against this behemoth.

In these trying times, the judgement have been sentenced:
Mass exodus may give chance to those who were left jobless and homeless
A chance to go back to the place they once called home,
But their advent doesn’t promise peace for the place they are going to As this virus will continue to plague through.

Where does this battle against COVID-19 will lead us through?
What does this war would turn us into?
In a world where no one promise the safety of our lives, Where shall we put our faith into?
As people travel across lands and battle against time to find cure, Where shall we find the place towards the bright future?

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