By Wribhu Chattopadhyay

Interview, camera and a live accost of the creepers that might display the map of my walking country. It reflects the dispossessed figure who are forced to remain barefooted and you are on the OB van.
Half fed stomach hankers for the vocation.
Sometimes feminine droplets expunge the brazenness.
In a war-posh area a vulture of warped beak and jagged claws was waiting behind a waning tot.
Perhaps it was a scavenger’s gorge on a creeping toddler.
A camera of same claws and beak was waiting for an award.
There is no latitude of death and desire, no longitude of gluttony.
One is waiting for stomach and another with claws and beak waits for the trophy.
If lies in west or walks in east same portrait is on two different frames.
Life is deadlier than death.

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