Birds Of Paradise

By Jay P Narain

The lust for divine love in paradise,
Could not bring from heavens to the earth,
the birds of paradise sing the divine love song,
but they tend to soar away in deep blue skies.

With the heart aching for the melancholy love,
I planted my bird of paradise plant in my back yard,
The little plant had only one blossomed flower,
Missed the flock which it usually domiciles in.

Every morning, I open my window to the back yard,
The bird of paradise stands in the middle of other flowers,
the roses, petunias glow in sun, the beak of the bird of paradise just follows the sun,
It follows sun from dusk to dawn, I adore this divine love act from bottom of my heart.

With its beak pointing towards sun, head crowned with beautiful yellow and purple leaves,
Thinking it may be crane, the hummingbird flies around, sits on its beak, feels its love,
the beauty is overwhelming, the aura is divine,
If the birds of paradise see its flowery match, they may change their mind and stay with us on earth.

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