Black Friday

By Marie Sheppard Nolan

Christmas goodwill and love for mankind
Has gone out the window for a bargain to find
It’s a daylong event, but it lasts all night long
Standing out in the cold beside a colossal King Kong
With the unlocking of doors and the haste of the crowd
All moral prejudice is disallowed
A provocative exploration of those human beings
When challenged for a bargain in front of flat screens
All are equal: no vulnerability exists
In the sprinting fixation that attempts to resist
The looming battle with King Kong’s fists!
Who is to blame for this foray?
The phenomena known as ‘Black Friday’
Is it James Fisk, Jay Gould? It can’t be true!
Two dead Americans requiring judicial review
Who then into the red lead Galwegians astray?
Known across the world for their heartfelt ways
Why today they stand beneath those neon signs?
Deluded with Charles Bonner retail minds!
My antidote is the child born in a straw laden cradle
His birth, is God’s present sent straight from the stable
To suffer in silence and be nailed bare to a cross
His death is not a symbol for a profit and loss
There are no neon signs above His head
That proclaims His love to a discount state
His promise of love He freely gave
So we may love each other for His sake
Let His message of love for mankind
Be ever present in your mind
Last but not least, please don’t be blind
I know we all hate to leave a good bargain behind
But don’t let the notion of a ‘Black Friday’ commodity
Enter the hearts of a Galwegians reality.

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