Break My Heart Break Wind

By Katmandont

An alabaster statuette I found upon the steppe

When Otto ruled these magma flats of scarlet,

Flax grew not upon these stones but with my

Steel-toed boot I kick and lift the butt of my

Cheesy paramour, whose mauve hair

Embodies all I once embraced of arcane dream

Her pallid butt went sailing, sailing, in effect

She could fly…airborne now upon the dim horizon

My sweet cheeks made an obscene gesture at me

As she passed the oval of the moon

That opal orb grew closer to me which I thought

Odd, until I realized, frantic, my boot and foot

Where caught against Ulanda’s butt

And the whispering wind filled my mind with memories

Until we crashed, headlong, in the ebony pool

Through the especially cold and crystal thick ice…