By Claudia Krizay

I once was not in tune with the body that I lived in.
I saw my reflection in a mirrored pond.
I saw angry stars burn like flames inside of my eyes-
I saw a body I so wished was not mine.

Fighting the battles inside of my mind,
And the commanding voices
That played malevolent tricks on me-
I had no spirit, a wounded soul, a broken heart-
This intensified my death fear-
Though I was afraid to live or to die-

I saw a reflection of some horrible being
I could not believe that this was me.
One day I felt the trepidation begin to fade
And through the stars within my eyes
I found the poet inside of my soul.

I recall the day my spirit was born.
I saw my reflection as a painting
To decorate my bedroom wall-
I was proud to become the woman that I was made to be.

I stand as tall as the highest mountain peak on my horizon-
I see through the stars within my eyes
A new soul, unabashed and proud.
I have opened a gate to walk though
Where there exists endless skies and miracles to explore.

Through the stars within my eyes, I see a staircase-
There are still some upward stairs to climb.
I foresee a mirrored citadel having risen beyond the skies,
In which I feel no shame in my reflection.

There is space to continue walking forward-
Where an aura about the sun awaits me.
I am winning the battles inside of my mind…