Chains Of Corruption

By Thato Mahlangu

This reminds me of slavery
We work for the corrupt ones
They claim everything to their name
As if they have worked for all this they are stealing
They make us poorer each day
Mothers don’t know what they will feed their children
It is dark
We are poor
Yet they continue stealing from us
We worked hard, saving the last money
But when we die, we have nothing to show
The illness has gotten hold of us
We could have stopped it but even the medicine was stolen
We are dying in our shacks
Where our bodies are chained together
Their teeth rot
And their bellies grow bigger as they selfishly eat the sugar
Our dilapidated homes, schools washed away by the floods
Yet the money to build proper structures was given to the mayor
Who do we blame?
These chains won’t rot, they are well oiled with our money
We will die here
With our bodies chained together

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