Christmas Gifts

By Carolyn Wells

Ten Christmas presents standing in a line;
Robert took the bicycle, then there were nine.

Nine Christmas presents ranged in order straight;
Bob took the steam engine, then there were eight.

Eight Christmas presents–and one came from Devon;
Robbie took the jackknife, then there were seven.

Seven Christmas presents direct from St. Nick’s;
Bobby took the candy box, then there were six.

Six Christmas presents, one of them alive;
Rob took the puppy dog, then there were five.

Five Christmas presents yet on the floor;
Bobbin took the soldier cap, then there were four.

Four Christmas presents underneath the tree;
Bobbet took the writing desk, then there were three.

Three Christmas presents still in full view;
Robin took the checker board, then there were two.

Two Christmas presents, promising fun,
Bobbles took the picture book, then there was one.

One Christmas present–and now the list is done;
Bobbinet took the sled, and then there were none.

And the same happy child received every toy,
So many nicknames had one little boy.

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