Christmas Jewels

By Anne Pollock

Oh, to capture Christmas
In the palm of one’s hand;
To clasp, like a jeweled strand,
Every memory dear and grand.

To cherish and remember
Every cold, colorful December;
The cheery topaz embers
Of a lazy Christmas Eve.

Mother and brother trimming the tree
In diamond and emerald symmetry,
While father prepares his special tea.
And I at the spinet, the tinkling gem-like tones,
Harmonizing with my own voice
And the winter’s gusty moans.

The choirs, the carols,
The crystal-voiced heralds
Announcing the sapphire dawn;
The untidy wrappings,
The candies, the mince,
The parent’s enveloping yawns.

Christmas with my family,
So dear, so long ago;
May the old times, like a garnet,
In my memory ever glow.

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