Cooks And Their Kingdoms

By Russell H. Ritchey

To have life is to have a place in what is called a ‘Kingdom’, whether it be ‘plant’ or ‘animal’. It is so, and so will always be. And every kingdom has a king, like every kitchen has a cook. It is the glory of its royal ruler of pots-and-pans and condiments, to use available plant and animal life to make life more than just for living, to bring to life that which was in storage, to enjoy the continuing craft of creation, and bring forth concoctions from within the heart, and to partake and share with everyone… though, each ruler of every domicile dominion at some times offers culinary fare faring far better than some others. The kitchen ‘Greats’ know the simplest plate can become the finest, (with added flair), and variety has no bounds or borders by the proper use of spices served with a smile, even if just pinches, the right proportions in heartfelt pairing to life’s seasons, like star anise for Christmas cookies, and a spoon of something sweet to help the necessary fiber and nutrients, even the rudiments, the most mundane of daily living, go down the gullet with sincere return of smile and not a frown. They are worthy of their crown.

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