Dear Mom

By Robert L. Hinshaw

This is a letter I should’ve written to you many years ago,
To express my love and affection – so much to you I owe!
Alas, I didn’t tell you I loved you enough, that I’ll ever rue;
The things I want to tell you now are so very long overdue.

Thanks for all the pain you suffered just to give me breath,
And that time you prayed for me when I was nearing death.
I shall always remember your sweet and tender smile;
Your words of encouragement have made my life worthwhile.

I treasure the many times you shared your faith with me,
Especially hearing about Jesus’ love as I sat upon your knee.
Tho’ at times I rebelled at attending Church and Sunday School,
I’m so thankful that your taught me to follow the Golden Rule.

Mom I treasure many precious memories growing up as a lad.
I know the Great Depression sapped the resources of you and Dad.
You sacrificed so much to see that we kids were schooled, fed and clad,
And thanks to you, the good times far out-weighed the bad!

Tho’ we had little worldly pelf, there was abundant love suffice;
When I faced Y’s in the road, you always offered sage advice.
Tho’ the time with your loved ones was, Oh, so very fleet,
I know that you have found well-earned peace sitting at Jesus’ feet!

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