Dementia Is My Name

By Josey Henjes

I start out very slowly so you won’t even know I am there.

You become a little forgetful but you don’t seem to care.

Then I begin to up the ante for I am never satisfied.

You forget how to drive or even about the ride.

I want you to forget how you once loved to cook.

I want you to forget how you once read a book.

I want you to forget your loved ones’ names, special places and things.

I want to take away your memory and the joy that those things brings. I don’t care what your age is; man or woman means nothing to me.

I have no conscious for what I am doing, I am insidious can’t you see?

Until they find a cure for me, I will go on my merry way.

Looking for my next victim which I am sure I will find today.

Then I will seep into their memory a little at a time.

I’m vicious and relentless as I continue to commit my crime.

I will leave them with a blank canvas where pictures were once stored.

I will rot their conscious mind of all the things they once adored.

I am on a feeding frenzy and they are my perfect host.

No amount of medicine can stop me, I just love to boast.

I will tear apart their family; they won’t ever know what to do.

There is nothing that can mend their loved ones, there is no special glue.

I will leave them broken and battered, a shell of whom they once were.

And all that they remembered will now be one big blur.

Yes, I wear many disguises and I am out to win my game.

So I will show you no mercy, for dementia is my name.

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