Diving Deep

By Pawan Kumar

What can be the most precious thought that I can brood
How can I interact therein and churn the stuff lying?

Billions of human minds with each unique in constitution & patterns
Each has unique impacts depending upon experiences one gets.
Billions of possibilities & a single mind capable of thinking great
Many nerves & layers lying unturned, activate them for working mode.

I do not know exactly how many possibilities I have,
And of what conscious material I am composed of?
Life is passing fast and me not able to catch it up
At what time will be able to interact face to face?

When I’ll start practicing that pleasantness & calmness,
and deeply mould me, being these the befitting ones.
I want to be with me in all my moments
wishing consciousness to always support in my cherished thoughts.

I see many persons, who truly interact with themselves,
Yes few are able to churn selves & take out butter.
May be we do not realize their actual workings,
and simply take them as the only mortals.

In toiling with minds, the goal is to attain immortality,
and also to connect with the loftiest.
Consciousness & internal balance I think is that blissful state,
when all is obvious and at ease rather than strife.

When the noblest speak of their minds,
that becomes the world’s way to mature.
That how of mind’s working depends on our diving,
and burning desire of that enlightened state.

Truly intellectuals reveal selves,
in their words spoken & written.
Their enormous material available all around,
with legacy to humanity.

There is no shortage of noble ideas,
your own mind is a treasure of many secrets.
Why others will be interested,
if you in self are not serious.

You can be a genius if pay attention to self,
And reveal self to you & reason all its actions.
Then judge what’s actually going inside
and also whether worth acting upon.

Theoretically I can take the whole universe,
but my limits & fears not letting much ahead.
So able to grasp very little and that too is of little worth,
and then despair that I got a little here.

So idea is to enhance competencies,
for increasing our grasping powers.
Then build the assets of enormous value
and find solace in accomplishments.

Great persons are all around whom you to merely identify
Sit in their feet and learn some great lessons.
Learn something of value and avoid the unneeded ones
Cultivate the noblest mind by doing away all the weeds.

‘Be your own light’ is the noblest teaching of Buddha
Meaning that you are to find your own way.
It does not restrict to take help when needed
but definitely that should come by working with self.

I being quite unaware & ignorant, don’t see much light in me
What recourse can help to get some rich stuff here?
How to make me worthy & sitting in true learners’ class,
where I’ll find a teacher to guide me in this field?

But I have my limits of thoughts & of the ignorance
Not even know where I stand in affairs of the knowledge?
Realization will come much later but some mirror is needed,
who can show that to me by doing away all false impressions.

Again go to Buddha stating to be own light
Can I say this of a teacher also for me?
As a little I understand of others, they also see little of me
but I’m always with self & also interacting more.

I don’t seek the others’ opinions towards me,
which can be many and also some distracting.
I want a truly enlightened observer,
who can very objectively reveal me to me.

Vices have germinated inside and get very strong
and present resistance if forcibly taken out.
So correct efforts to ease out problems,
cleanse thoroughly & gradually treat deep wounds.

I need a teacher who is friendly to me
Not in my vices but a true well-wisher of me.
He should benefit me by making me some worthy
and also speak to me with mind’s clarity.

But needed something of me to show my anxieties,
to leave the bed early and start exploring self.
Reason your every action & find the semblance
and judge self with correct & just mind.

So try to be with yourself till you find some worthy teacher,
that will be occasioned sometime though miracles don’t come.
But you only intently desire & will always grow
and then the support of that almighty will always be with you.

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