The Hill We Climb

By Dara Manuel

Oh! What a discomfort from morning till night!
What a frustration from day to day!
To appear with the look of an armed robber,
Just to abide by the established rules,
All in the name of prevention!
Our nose has been denied of it’s right,
The effective flow of oxygen has been cut short,
All in the name of prevention!
Our freedom of thorough breathing has been borrowed,
Gates has been closed against the escape of carbon dioxide,
All in the name of prevention!
Refusal to cover the nose is now a legal trespass,
Face Mask has emerged as the latest outfit in town,
It’s now like a trending designer lying all around.
Face Mask company are now in their season of mass production,
They’re now generating the income that has never been recorded in their biography,
Fashion designers have now switched to face mask designer,
A lot of face masks has been invented in different dimensions;
Different kinds of face mask improvisations has been made,
Selling of face mask turning out to be the latest booming business,
But we need to recover the borrowed freedom of our nose;
We need to possess our possessions.

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