Family Tradition By Greg Tucker

By Greg Tucker

Being in Here
Follows the Family Profession
I Have always lived without fear
Even Post Life Sentenced Conviction

Grandpa did time in Alcatraz
While dad went to Folsom Prison
Like Grandpa I had more Pizazz
As the Feds put me imprison

On the outside I ran with the Westies
I was a Lieutenant in my crew
Slung dope through countless baggies
Living the tough life was nothing new

My Son next week will turn three
and he is already learning from my boys
Before you know it he will be just like me
Practicing to shoot with his toys

Don’t sit back and judge me
as I don’t see society showing me a different way
My boy must fight to be free
Not just go to Church and simply pray

To survive we must rule our street
For people like us, this is our mission
We are the warriors who defeat

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