First School Day

By Williams Emmanuel

Holiday was over and gone,
And to school you must go;
Mother’s clumsy voice croaked,
To read,write and to learn;
And spell,count and not play.

Oh!,why this torment I’ll cry,
To under learning bowels seat;
And learn,read and not play,
Under cages of whips outcry;
In sorrow and dismay.

Oh!,God to seat among vipers,
Whose voices terrible songs utter;
Ignoring my aching hearts;
And the tender cries of my lips,
That in anguish cracked.

Mum! Why to me this torment?.
Of a total freedom denial,
Hurting a tender buttock;
And heart from terrible taunts,
In disguise of schooling.

Oh!, The joy comes eternal,
When the jiggly bell ring;
To total freedom unveiling,
In becoming so evely social;
From bounds under learning bowels.

But the joy is short lived;
As the monotonous clock tickles,
Like a snail spiny steps,
Unveiling a new torment signed,
By a loving mum… What a misery?

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