Forth From Your Past!

By Amos Russel Wells

Forth from your lowly Past! In humble wise
Up to the highest heaven lift your eyes.
No glories that the heroes ever knew
But God has placed them waiting there for you.
Forth from your evil Past! The shame and sin—
Dare now to live as they had never been.
In Jesus cleansed and in His sureness sure,
Know that the years to come are sweet und pure.
Forth from your troubled Past! How dark the days.
How dreary and perplexed your wandering waya!
Forget those fears and tears and scenes abhorred.
And enter all the joyance of your Lord.
Forth from your lonely Past! No comrade knew
Your inner warfare for the good and true;
But in the time to come till time shall end
You shall not lack a comrade and a friend.
Forth from your Past! ‘Twas given you to build
A Future from it all with blessings filled.
Enter its open gate its liberal door,
And live its happy lord for evermore.

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