Now's The Time

By Amos Russel Wells

If a poem you would write,
Now’s the time!
Ne’er was epic yet or sonnet
Captured but by leaping on it;
Pegasus depend upon it,
Knows his time.
If you have a task to do,
Now’s the time!
Now, while you’ve a notion to it;
Now, while zeal will help you do it;
Or in shame you’ll hobble through it,
Out of time.
If you have a word of praise,
Now’s the time!
Should the sky, while flowers are growing
Stint its gracious dew-bestowing
Ne’er would come the rainhow-glowing
Blossom time.
If you have a kiss to give,
Now’s the time!
Lips, like flowers, soon are faded,
Life-blood pallid, checked, and jaded,
If they are not love—o’ershaded,
Kissed in time.
If you have a prayer to pray,
Now’s the time!
Not to every hour are given
Upward look and open heaven;
Oh, be strengthened, gladdened, shriven,
While there’s time!

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