The Sundial, Conscientious Objector

By Amos Russel Wells

The Sundial said to the Daylight-Saving Clock:
“I stand for Truth as steady as a rock.
Nothing but the Truth do I dare to testify;
Men may bid me cheat, but I will—not—lie.
Lying is a mortal sin, cheating is a crime;
I alone of all the world keep the proper time.”

The Daylight-Saving Clock to the Sundial said:
“When the sun goes down you are dead, dead, dead.
Tied like a log to this rolling ball,
Only half of time do you tell at all.
I testify to the Truth of Health,
Speak the Truth of Happiness, tell the Truth of Wealth.

Yours is the Truth of a dull routine,
Just the Truth of Matter, of the Sun Machine.
Your literal Truth is crudely wrought;
Mine is the Truth of the Higher Thought.”
But the Sundial still, in a manner proudly wise,
Sticks to the Truth in a World of Lies.

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