21+ Timeless Poems About Clocks: Tick-Tock

There’s something about clocks that tugs at the heartstrings. Maybe it’s the way they mark time or the ticking sound that somehow seems to soothe us. Whatever it is, clocks have been a source of inspiration for poets for centuries. 

Here are some of our favourite poems about clocks, from tender tributes to clever observations. Enjoy!

What Are The Best Poems About Clocks?


As you can see, there are a great many poems about clocks. Each one brings with it a different perspective on time. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, or just want to find a poem that speaks to you, these poems about clocks are sure to do the trick. 

So next time you’re feeling lost in the hustle and bustle of life, take a moment to stop and appreciate the ticking of the clock.

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