Fortnite Poem

By Jackson Archer

Lucky landing is the new place built on my land,
but Tilted Towers is where I will stay and where I will stand.
Shooting people left and right,
my favourite game to play is Fortnite.

A new skin to wear all cool and fly,
when I see a player on the map, they are going to die.
People think they can revive their teammate, it really is cute,
once I eliminate both of you I’ll take all your loot.

New updates into the game every week,
The more guns introduced, the more eliminations I seek.
Nearing the end of the game, players always build a big base,
if the opponent peaks then I will snipe them in their face.

The way to win a fight is to constantly build,
If you do this then you are remarkably skilled.
When you find a squad, to them you need to be loyal,
this is so you can get the Victory Royale.

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