Guilt Trip

By Ahmad Attr

The water drops slowly and plinks
The pendulum sways and echoes
Through the rustling leaves, the birds sing
Lock the room, take out my phone, and view photos
The ones I took of you
You look so pretty when you think nobody’s looking
Caught in the moment, uncovered by the clothes
There’s so much skin to see
Where should I start? Where should I look?
Your chest or your sinewy abdomen?
Or your well-fed legs?
Forever captured undressed
You pretty lashes seaming your closed eyes, sleeping
I’m in rapture, watching you dream
Don’t mind me, I’m just taking a peak
It’s just between you and me
Soon the sounds of my palm
Begin to get louder than the flowing water
My breathing couples up with whimpering
A built up for crescendo in my head
And in my body
My bed pulls me tighter as I sweat
You look so good in this photo
You look so good
So good

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