Here In Nigeria

By John Chizoba Vincent

Some where in Nigeria,
We sleep without light
Mosquitoes feasting on our body.
We are taken for granted,
We are abused morally and physically.

Here in Nigeria,
We see mothers abandoned children.
Girls get pregnant before they get husband,
Father rape a daughter to coma.
Here in Nigeria,
Children are abused like water is abused.

Here in Nigeria,
Freedom of speech is at your detriment.
We all move around like the snake
One for his own self, unity lost in the air.
Here in Nigeria, the birds sing no more.

Here in Nigeria,
A child beat his father and a father
Abuse his wife in the holy alter.
We have lost so many counts of hopes and dreams,
Ways and means, everything we see.
Nothing of progress seem to hold a congress, not even a dress on us.

Here in Nigeria,
Many youths had died before their prime.
Many teens had been married out in tears,
Many school boys had been killed by ritualist.

Here in Nigeria,
Terrorism has taken toll on us
Bombing and killing those who
Supposed to protect the family name.
Who shall tell us the culture when we die?

Here in Nigeria,
The church preaches about prosperity
Rather than the ancient doctrine of Christ-like.
They exploit the congregations in the name of christ.
We hide under the Umbrella of religious deceiving
Those who ought to be save and take to Christ.

Here in Nigeria are disvirgined school,
Where student teaches teachers.
Ignorance baptise our head at the call
Of wisdom and knowledge of the gods.

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