High School Drop Out

By FallenAngel12

All I’ve known is straight A’s.
All I see is straight F’s
So wrapped up in all your problems.
I’ve neglected my life
And now it’s unraveling before my eyes.
My heart is in the right place
But my mind is somewhere it shouldn’t be.
“You’re failing every class”,
My mom shouts.
All my dad could say is
“You’re a lazy disappointment”.
I can’t please you all at once.
Someone show me what I’m
Supposed to do.
I’ve lost my place in the world.
I’m trapped between your life and mine.
I can’t make your problems go away.
As much as i try to make it better,
I lose it all at the end of the day.
I promised I’d never abandon you
But I feel like this friendship may not be true.
I give you my all.
You take it all,
And watch as I fall.
Failure is my biggest fear
And here I am head on with it.
I don’t want to be here.
I’m falling down.
I will never see my cap and gown.
My dreams were shattered because
I care about you.
Now there’s only one thing for me to do.
Follow my family as a
High School Drop Out

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