By Violet Jacob

(To A Pipe Tune)

    O, it’s fine when the New and the Auld Year meet,
    An’ the lads gang roarin’ i’ the lichtit street,
    An’ there’s me and there’s Alick an’ the miller’s loon,
    An’ Geordie that’s the piper oot o’ Forfar toon.
            Geordie Faa! Geordie Faa!
    Up wi’ the chanter, lad, an’ gie’s a blaw!
    For we’ll step to the tune while we’ve feet in till oor shune,
    Tho’ the bailies an’ the provost be to sort us a’!

    We’ve three bonnie bottles, but the third ane’s toom,
    Gin’ the road ran whisky, it’s mysel’ wad soom!
    But we’ll stan’ while we can, an’ be dancin’ while we may,
    For there’s twa we hae to finish, an’ it’s Hogmanay.
            Geordie Faa! Geordie Faa!
    There’s an auld carle glow’rin’ oot ahint yon wa’,
    But we’ll sune gar him loup to the pipin’ till he coup,
    For we’ll gi’e him just a drappie, an’ he’ll no say na!

    My heid’s dementit an’ my feet’s the same,
    When they’ll no wark thegither it’s a lang road hame;
    An’ we’ve twa mile to traivel or it’s mair like three,
    But I’ve got a grip o’ Alick, an’ ye’d best grip me.
            Geordie Faa! Geordie Faa!
    The morn’s near brakin’ an’ we’ll need awa’,
    Gin ye’re aye blawin’ strang, then we’ll maybe get alang,
    An’ the deevil tak’ the laddie that’s the first to fa’!

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