How to publish on Hello Poetry in 3 easy steps

How to Publish on Hello Poetry in 3 Easy Steps

Hello Poetry is a poetry website that publishes poems from people all over the world. The site’s creators wanted a space where people could share their thoughts without having any boundaries or limitations. It is one of the most popular sites for writers worldwide, with more than 40 million visitors each year!

We will discuss what it takes to get published on Hello Poetry, the benefits of being affiliated with them, and what you should do to increase your chances of invitation!

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What is Hello Poetry?  has been around since 2009 and has published over 100,000 poems from people all around the world. Writers on the platform can share their work with others to get feedback on it or just for fun! The editors are always looking for new content to show their +three million monthly visitors!

Hello Poets not only have access to publish but read other peoples’ poetry as well. The platform offers both free membership options alongside premium ones, which come complete with extra features such as being able to choose what you want to be displayed when someone searches up “your” poem title online, among many more benefits.

Instead of asking for submissions, Hello Poetry asks users to ‘request an invite’. This policy of only publishing works submitted by members has helped Hello Poetry maintain its initial vision of a close-knit poetry community.

How to publish on Hello Poetry:

1) Head over to and fill out the form to request an invite.

2) Once you receive an invite, click “submit content” and upload your poem in .docx format.

3) Publish your work by clicking “publish” or wait for one of our editors to take care of it.

Be sure to include a link or two to some work that has been published elsewhere online alongside your application for review by an editor. Who will then decide whether there are any changes needed to make prior to publishing – which usually only takes about 24 – 48 hours!

Why get published on Hello Poetry?

The site is one of the more recognisable poetry platforms on the internet and can help poets build their online presence. The site has been visited over 100 billion times; it’s also ranked as #14 in the world on Alexa.

It is a great place to find new poetry and discover poets you might not have heard of before. It is also an opportunity to get feedback on your work from other members of their community who are always willing to help out with constructive criticism or encouragement when needed.

Hello Poetry also offers free hosting services, so all poems submitted on the site receive their dedicated pages with easy links where people might find them again later down this rabbit hole we call life. The website also features a blog where writers share personal stories, a forum where they can discuss and share their work with others interested in the same topics.

They also have an app that you download, so it’s easy to access on your phone or tablet wherever life takes us – even if we’re offline from time to time. The site has been featured by The New York Times and some other publications because of its popularity among writers all over the world!

Remember, Hello Poetry is an exclusive club, so there is a possibility that you may not get accepted. To improve your selection chances, make sure you have a well-edited portfolio of poetry published elsewhere. Consider starting a Facebook author page or a poetry business Instagram page to start.

If your application is successful, the editors will post your poetry on the site for everyone to see! It’s free, so there isn’t any reason not to. It may be a good idea to follow them on social media, too, so that you can keep up with their latest posts.

They have an Instagram account that is updated daily and a Facebook page where they post every other day or less often, depending on how many submissions are coming in at the time of posting! It’s worth checking out if only to see what people from all over submit for publication, and don’t forget about Twitter because it may not be as active, but there might just happen some gems hidden among those tweets.

If your submission does not get accepted, then make sure when submitting again next year (or whenever) use these same steps: follow them online first before sending anything else; write something new each week until one gets published – this will help build momentum behind getting selected by Hello Poetry.

Hello Poetry Alternatives

Do not be discouraged if you are unsuccessful. There are thousands of poetry websites out there dying to get their hands on your work and show it to the world!– Poetry Foundation’s website for poets and poetry lovers of all levels, from novice to expert; includes a blog with articles on the craft as well! They also have an active Facebook page that is worth following too. You can submit your work here or even just follow along to learn more about the community.

The Rumpus– The literary magazine has been around since 1999, publishing great literature worldwide. They publish various genres and have appeared in The New Yorker and NPR’s All Things Considered, amongst others!

Their site is easy to navigate with an online submission form for poems or articles that you can submit here: You will also find their guidelines on how they accept submissions, which may help you submit your work.

The Rattle – This literary magazine has published some very famous authors such as Sylvia Plath, one of its first contributors back in 1951! It publishes poetry but not just any old poem. It only accepts “poems worth reading.” That means no rhyming verse, please!

In the meantime, let’s work on our craft, shall we? Here are a few writing exercises you should implement into your writing regimen and a couple of poetry prompts you ought to explore if you need a little push.

Remember, when submitting anything, make sure they accept that type or genre’s style because otherwise, why waste time?There are many ways to publish your work on the internet, and Hello Poetry is just one of them. If you want more information about other sites, stay tuned.

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