The Ultimate Poetry Inspiration: 51+ Prompts to Jumpstart Your Writing

You’ve finally completed your masterpiece; congratulations! Now, what do you do with it? I have compiled a list of 50 exciting ways to get your creation out into the world. 

Some of these activities are innocent trivial pursuits, while others could be pivotal enterprises that define the trajectory of your poetry journey.

  1. Memorise your poem and know it by heart.
  2. Present your poem at your local book club or poetry reading.
  3. Perform your poetry at an open mic event.
  4. Record your poem in spoken word and preserve it in .mp3 or .wav format.
  5. Add a backtrack or background music to your audio poem.
  6. Upload your audio poem on Soundcloud, Spotify and other music sharing platforms.
  7. Submit your poem to a poetry journal of your choosing.
  8. Enter an online writing competition that fits your poem’s theme.
  9. Gift your poem to a friend or loved one.
  10. Post your poem on your favourite social media platform.
  11. Start a fan page for your poetry and post your work regularly.
  12. Create a blog for your poetry and invite your friends and family to support you.
  13.  Auction your poem as a prize for a charity of your choosing.
  14. Contact poetry pages and ask them to share your work.
  15. Read or perform your poem at a talent show.
  16. Email your poem to radio hosts and request to be interviewed.
  17. Contact various poetry and literature publications and request to be profiled or featured.
  18. Post your poem on a bulletin board.
  19. Copyright your poem with your local authority.
  20. Design a postcard themed around your poem.
  21. Tribute your poem to someone who has passed on.
  22. Gift your poem to someone who is sick.
  23. Tweet your poem in a thread.
  24. Participate in a writers group and submit your poem for critical review.
  25. Submit your poem for an anthology or chapbook.
  26. Start an anthology and invite other writers to submit their creations.
  27. Write a blog post about your creative process.
  28. Read your poem to your pet. (Dogs are pretty good listeners, cats, not so much.)
  29. Organise a poetry reading and invite fellow writers to share your works of art.
  30. Create a local poetry bulletin board for your community or school.
  31. Shoot a video to accompany your poem.
  32. Create a slide show to add more meaning to your poem.
  33. Upload your visual poetry to YouTube or your favourite video-sharing platform.
  34. Contact your local coffee shops and offer to place your poetry on their table-talkers.
  35. Offer to read your poem as a guest at a meeting or gathering.
  36. Collaborate with an artist at an exhibit or gallery.
  37. Read or recite your poem to yourself, alone. Improve on it with minor tweaks and edits.
  38. Post your poem in the mail to someone you have not spoken to in a long time.
  39. Make fliers and hand your poem to random unsuspecting strangers in the street.
  40. Read your poem to children and use it as a vehicle to teach them the literary arts.
  41. If your poem is within their scope, send it to a political or public figure.
  42. Send your poem to your local newspaper or magazine publication.
  43. Never pay to get your work published.
  44. Partner with a musician, songwriter or band and contribute your poem as part of a musical composition.
  45. Host or participate in online poetry readings on platforms like Zoom or Skype.
  46. Email your poem to yourself ten years into the future.
  47. Add a melody and sing your poem as a song.
  48. Sell your poem to family, friends and fans.
  49. If you live in a coastal region, consider the ancient “message in a bottle”. 
  50. Tie your poem to a helium balloon and let it fly!


If you haven’t written your poem yet, here are a few poetry prompts you can consult for inspiration. I have also compiled a free poetry editing checklist to take your writing to the next level. 

If you would like to see a post with 50 more things to do with your poem, let us know. We are on all your favourite social media platforms.

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