Legislating Reality

By Robert Zwilling

How many days must be lived through, to make it through tomorrow
How many invisible road signs need to be nailed to three trillion missing trees
Antagonists or members of the same party, rewriting news, fake news, so 1984
Finger tips, so very, very sore, touch screens galore, pressing, pressing, pressing

Smashing curvatures of life expectancy, everywhere everyone, rowing the same boat
T-cells memorize their targets, funny thing, so does corona covid, get the right name
News only encircles the same targets with new faces, same old, same old bodies
Everyone sporting invisible crowns of thorns, everyone involuntarily volunteering

First came covid world, exclusive world membership, now the metaverse, dead worlds
Neon lights, bright city streets, front row seats every concert, a million seats all paid for
Camp fire story weavers, as powerful as today’s interconnected socialized media stars
Same old songs for the past forty or fifty thousand years, nothing new under this sun

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