By Christuraj Alex

Having waited for long after hard laboring,
Tilling, planting, manuring and irrigating;
Keeping stray animals away from grazing them,
Protecting them from dangers, as though, costly gem;
Treating the illnesses of better-half who’s weak,
Pleasing the moods of kids, who fun and frolics seek;
Eating sometimes; evading timely food, often,
Pleading the money-lenders their hearts to soften;
Weeding the field frequently when it’s so needed,
Cleansing, spraying pesticides when it’s thus weeded;
Drizzles, hailstones and storms visit the fields, betwixt,
Tending the fallen plants, he gets the problems fixed;
Thus, midst mounting temptations and tribulations,
When his hopes reach their zenith of expectations;
Floods unforeseen, when whole year’s livelihood destroy,
He stands calm, yet, facing forces of pain and joy…!

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