Love And Divine (My Stella 32)

By Prabir Gayen

The more thou love -to anybody,
the more thou dive deep in thy self
-the cave of heart,
the container.
It is a journey to inner self,
love is a journey.
The love tryst is not the central-
but focus to let thou go
layer after layer.
Love deeply felt for loved one
is a ramble
inward the crater of heart
-the domain of God,
celestial principle of life.
The beloved is the mirror
of the divine grace-
the enddearment.
Love deeply felt for the beloved –
ladylove or favourite,
is filling the container
and overflowingthe waves.
It transcends.
Love is godly and divine
as it makes
thou go the uninhabited reign,
the cloister of self.
Love is a hermitage.
The overmuch flow and
tidal surge of spur
and pathos dismantlethe sense,
it contains
not the wholeness. It needs
space collosal and vast.
Humorous whims and
with propensitypertinacious
follow. It is madly.
Love needs spaceto harbour sweet stress.
It wants room.
A deep state of worship,
a meditative trance, widens
the den of self
to absorb the undulated
flood of love.
Inner sky broadenedwith
contemplative calmness
thelove matures in graceful bliss,
sustains stability.
It attains himalayan stillness.

My love is flowing
and overflowing
in the chalice small
and soft and cherubim chides
for celebration
to dawn-expanded
The more I drive to thy heart,
the more nearness brims
to thine fright.
It is akin to
unified excitation,
effacement of distance
from thee to me.
In full moon evening
the moon facingthe sun,
one to one with same
glorious glossiness.
Time is matured and it’s
venerable look on my
stringent flexibility
of being whole,
oneness withinand serene
submission to Almighty.
Twelve swans art floating
in peace chased by an eagle.

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