Love Without Strife

By Rewcana

when he was in my life
all that i wrote about love
was about pain.

about past traumas
about what is and isn’t the same.
love told in lies.

transformation is painful
the poet stands before
the end of the world

and writes a few stanzas
about how it makes them feel.

entropy laughs.

the end of the world
has been coming for

there is time yet
to love truly.

you feel love in
the blood and bones
under your skin.

you feel love as
you and your cat peer
through the window glass.

when i had rid myself
of him

my art became about
love without lies
love with truth
love of abundance.
the type of love
where you take immense care to
minimize hurt and strife.

love that does not need to
be justified by
or to justify

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