Madame Gia

By Sea Opal

Madame Gia’s back alley bar,
fountain of musicians and writers,
dapper men, ladies in gladrags
bourbon, wine, absinthe and cigars
warped and wounded in smoky haze;
dark paris dive, pandora maze

I relaxed in queen anne chair
behind blue tapestry curtain,
corner table, library room
Hemingway stared at me,
I puffed circles from my dincher,
from pouty pink lips,
and took a frangelica sip

I danced bolero at Moulin rouge,
goldfish bowl for sharks,
mudpit hole for couture models,
tall, short, curvy, aphrodite tarts;
lacy costumes, feather scarf,
sexy gams, blondes, brunettes,
gaslight twenties, flapper set

My picasso highway,
trucks, cars, trains, planes,
chopsticks over utensils,
Paris ballroom stormy days,
tango swirls, dega and monet;
gypsy caravans, van gogh stars,
madame gia’s back alley bar

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