By Julia Ellen Jenkins

Old March is here with us again,
And all are shivering; even the men
Complain of the wind so sharp and chill;
As it comes to greet us from yonder hill.

But the sun shines bright and the sky is clear
And as March must visit us once a year
We gladly welcome it, for we know
That it helps to lessen the drifts of snow.
There are patches now of bare ground to be seen,
And now and then bunches of grass that are green,
And we earnestly listen each sunny morn
For the noisy crow which Ave hear at dawn.
Yes, winter is passing with smiles so arch,
And now we have windy and chilly March.
But despite the winds that are loud and drear,
The beauties of Spring now begin to appear;
And soon we’ll enjoy the season gay,
With its beautiful flowery month of May;
So blow old March, while your powers last,
Soon April and May will your glory blast.

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