Me Time

By Anonymous

Oh, grant me my much needed, ‘me time’,
For I do need my regular doze of, ‘me time’,
Don’t we all need our own precious, ‘me time’!
But, pray, what exactly is this so called ‘me time’?

A time when I can do what I like doing the most,
Serving myself literally, a slice of life on a toast.
When mother nature becomes my gracious host,
And I go visit the serene hills or an ethereal coast,

A time when I can do my own thing and find peace,
When I do not have to constantly serve and appease,
A time when I can recharge myself and be at ease,
Allowing the feel-good hormone, oxytocin to release

No matter how dutiful we may generally like to be,
From our routines, many a times, we like to be free,
To put up our tired hands and feet to rest for a while,
To do things that bring to our face a big, warm smile.

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