Mood Swings And Their Wings

By John Sensele

Moods wreak havock by the swing life’s pendulums undergo
For in one extreme, moods elevated excitement they arouse
As in the other extreme moods affability, amiability and cordiality chords they douse
Deflating egos and Dagos when souls of parties moods dampen in a cargo

Moods drop in a bombshell
Taking party goers by surprise
Snatching from parties the pristine prize
Moods crash and dash into a shrivelled shell

Party goers in shock strive to absorb
A soul here in shock
A goal there gazing at the flock
Moods measure and weigh in a probe

Moods from their teasing tongues
Deploy and employ to accuse gig goers of blasphemy
Given the tipsy talk moods label infamy
In a dire discourse they sermonize in city slangs

Moods deploy to dice and spice the gossip
Moods in the end aid
As party scapegoats they degrade
When moods’ lips from a choking chalice wintry wine they clip, grip and sip.

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