Mr Gout

By Anonymous

My sexy Toe manicured fine, pommled and creamed every bathtime, he don’t normally complain whil’st in the darkness of his sock, he just supports, directs my whole body up top.
My biggy Toe is sick ,he is inflamed and red, his joint is pulsing the crystalization has spread, like little knives the crystals cut and irritate, causing biggy Toe to stiffen up a bit “there be an evil hand being dealt my way” says biggy Toe resting on a cushion all day”I bet it be Grouty that dastardly fiened out to unbalance my whole body needs”don’t worry biggy Toe ill you will not be for long,for I have a remedy which is a mystery potent and strong, a nemisis for evil acid and the inflamation of Gouty, the cure to your pain be thee humble cherry.

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