My Depression

By Angela Bontle Ditumiso

My depression is cheating on me
Lying beside me in the dark I see his face light up in glee
As he flirts all night with insomnolence
By the waist I hold incompleteness
Drum my ribcage as I take in breaths hoping to fill myself up
But broken and leaking is my emptying cup
Whatever I pour in runs right out
Sleep won’t find me and the lights are out

He sits beside me on the couch all day
My stomach fills up in knots
It’s the only meal I’ve had today
Ignoring me he warms up to suicidal thoughts
Sorrow holds my hand and tells me I’m worthy
When he tries to kiss me I no longer look away
I need someone to love me too…
Though when he’s here I mostly feel blue
But my depression is cheating on me
He promised me forever but devoid of glee
My vision is grainy so that I don’t see .

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