By Angela Wybrow

He soars so high above the clouds;
So high above the bustling crowds.
He flies past vast galaxies of stars,
Above the houses, shops and cars.

He flies below the silvery moon,
Which hangs in the sky like a lost balloon.
He soars so silently through the sky:
Upon Pegasus’ back, I’d love to ride.

His coat is creamy, just like milk,
And, to the touch, it feels like silk.
Pegasus is loyal and extremely wise:
Traits which are reflected in his eyes.

A wondrous winged steed with a mane of gold,
He is courageous in spirit and fearlessly bold.
He flies through the sky on feathered wings.
His magical hooves set forth new springs.

Many great wars has he endured,
But through it all, his heart stays pure.
With his friends, he is gentle and mild,
But to his foes, he is a warrior wild.

Inside, his soul is brimming with fire;
By him, many folk have felt inspired.
Some think Pegasus is only a myth,
But I know that Pegasus does exist.

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