Pegasus Flight

By Robert Rittel

Those directions that lead to the opposite of end,
riding those chosen ways just around the bend.
The deja vu of unsolved issue in mystery,
the rooting out in quest of truth, to please destiny.

Seeming different scenarios to please the image,
the shades of the mental eye and ego’s damage.
The self of self not aware and its references,
true responsibilities and its consequences.

The season of the chasing tail and many stories ride,
the moon in many phases adding to that tide.
Maiden fares with balloons on jolly noisy carousel,
excitements of dreams in a coming though spell.

Wondrous mental agonies from the same pigeon-hole,
while Pegasus law of love is a different scroll.
The extension of divine love gravity – to take off,
the intuitive flow by virtues law, all thereof.

Foaled out of Medusa head upon her death as told,
the immortal Horse and bearer of thunderbolt.
Compelling mythological antiquity and metaphor,
subtle light revealing room, opening that door.

The hero in the self by taming restless desire,
the language of inferior conquest and glow of fire.
Pegasus senses fragile tensions,
when faith is lost in small dark dimensions.

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