By Ron S King

In the darkest of a misty night
Beyond the land of earth’s reason
Lies the deep ocean of Soul
A surge of raging passion
Made up from a million dreams
And teardrops from red hearts

This, beneath the waves,
Is the Luna landscape of Neptune’s world
Soft porous rocks which soak up the blood
Of sweated heartaches and sacrificial offerings
That leaves the frail frightened hearts cleansed
In illuminated waters of an escapist soap.

Here, in this water’s land
Is the promise of fantasy and fabrication of love
No reason’s insanity, which insists a harsh love
But gentle scenes of an artist’s brush on velvet
Where love has indistinguishable sensations
And you move to sounds of musical sensuality.

Languish, here in this dream
Lotus eaters who are in confusion’s soporific grip
Feeding on the narcotics of any sexual inducement
Yet aware of the responsibility of diabolical effects
This is the promise of freedom’s fluid baptism
This Neptune, this unreal world of easy compromise.

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