Nigeria! The Dream Of Our Heroes Past

By Bakare Oluwagbenga Michael

Living in pains and inferiority;
They dreamed to make a name.
Farming and eating on mines of indignity;
They persevered and beared the shame.
Eating with animals in such mediocrity;
Their dream remained untame.
Sufferring much loss without immunity;
Their faith did not go lame.
Working their bones and flesh in vanity;
Their strength remain the same.
Heating their brains with gross insanity;
And yet they played the game: ..

One day, they stood for all humanity;
For liberty, they fought and aim.
Stronger and stronger, they grew in capacity;
No one could quench their flame.
Even though many clans died in obscurity;
Their dreams were brought to fame.
After long, they gained their dreams with integrity;
And last they made a name.

NIGERIA! The dream of our heroes past: ..


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