No To Xenophobia

By Dudu Ngobeni

Africa my continent, Africa my home
From Nigeria to Zimbabwe,
Mozambique, my mother land
For I am an African before being a South African
I have brothers and sisters In Somalia
All part of the rainbow nation
One love, one peace
With freedom I say no to Xenophobia

OH Africa the home of my ancestors
What is happening to our land?
Africa, where is the love…
Is this the freedom we have long waited for?
Has the passing of our Hero
Utata brought darkness to our beloved country
Is this what our people have fought for?
For us to turn against each other
Is this the unity of our rainbow nation?

We are all born of one nationality
That is of the human race
I am human Before African,
We are all part of the rainbow nation
United we stand, divided we fall
One love, one peace
Amandla awethu,
I say no to Xenophobia

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