Ode To My Hearing Aids

By Camisha L. Jones

Then God said
let there be sound
and divided the silence
wide enough for music
to be let in and it was a good groove

And God said
let there be overflow
sent sound in all directions
pin drops & children’s laughter
phones ringing & plates clattering
and it was kind of good but too much at times

So God said
let there be volume control
let there be choice how loud life should be
and there came the power to fade
the voices, the annoyances, the noise
and that was mighty good for all the unnecessary drama

Then God said let there be surprise, startle even
at the bird’s chirp, the ice maker,
the cabinet slammed shut
let there be delight
at the first calls in months
to father & best friend
and these were such good reasons for choking back tears
that God saw
the dark & the light
dangling brilliantly from each ear
and God whispered amen
then smiled when it was heard.