Our Banta Rooster

By Ed. Blair

We’ve got a banta rooster at our home, ‘n’ papa said
Afore we had him quite a week, et he wished he was dead.
Acuse that banta when he ought to be asleep at night,
‘Ll jes’ begin to crow right then ‘n’ crow with all his might.
He crows at nine ‘n’ ten, ‘n’ then eleven, twelve ‘n’ one,
That banta hasn’t sense enough to know when he is done.
‘N’ he struts around, our banta does, in daytime just as proud,
‘N’ when the other roosters crow, he tries to crow as loud,
‘N’ acts just like a little kid ‘ith his first pair o’ pants,
Who thinks he could do any work if he jes’ had a chance,
Pa. says thet banta rooster is jes’ like some man he knows,
Who works hard for a little bit, then stands around ‘n’ blows.
But then I like him, I do, fer he don’t complain a bit,
‘N’ when I feed the chicks, you bet he gets his share of it.
‘N’ if the great big chickens try to crowd him he will fight,
‘N’ the way he makes the feathers fly is jes’ a perfect sight,
It takes a lot o’ fightin’, but he usually has his way,
‘N’ that’s a whole lot more ‘n’ most the little folks can say.

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