Our Flag

By Patricia A. Fleming

She waves for my attention, So free upon the breeze. The sun reflects her stars and stripes, As proud as she can be. She tells a tale of people lost, Who came to find their way And carried on through every loss, To bring us here today. She reminds me of the brave who fought To keep our country strong And shouts at me of victories To right egregious wrongs. She whispers to our children Of all this country has to give And begs that they stand up for her And give thanks for how they live. She cries to me of apathy, Of prejudice and hate, Of disrespect for what she stands, And a Constitution we forsake. She demands that I acknowledge her And what she means to me And dares me to imagine life If she should cease to be. And still in Glory she unfurls And gives me hope again For a people reunited, And a country on the mend. So each time I see her wave at me, I’ll stop and gaze above And take a moment to respect This country that I love

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