Part Of Seeds

By Plantard Dacull

Movement that’s equivalent to the stars acknowledged to
saints uplifted to those sign pale and violent in secondary
Souls contacted our families uplifted a personality
we have created a platforms and a playground

She feeds the child blood and wants him to understand
I left her all alone but knew what was authentic was her
taken negativity and struggle for awareness I wanted to
go with her but both of us where stuck in each side

Part of it was a Childs movement for descending or
our all love but she wanted to leave me I asked her
not to brake down but the was a dream for our
insane love she wants to take my child

She cried but some how the struggle for tending
a symbol to an outrage to the conception of love
I wanted to sing to her all I heard was the mourning
sorrows of contemporary delusion she moved a lot

The tone of her voice was the giggle of a child its better
I leave them alone he wanted to know what has gone
wrong in our lovely child hood and demand for
a home levelled for a sane listener and dope too

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