Rabies In My Palm

By Barlot

Ah the moonlit melodies
And cliche connections of words
It’s murder to think in such fancy ink
But never to record…
So, I sailed all seven of the seas
And rolled my pants above my knees
If you please…I believe there’s a term-
Pirate…(one day I’ll learn) .
For now I am just wrinkling
The twinkling stars call my number
But the slumber of sleep keeps it’s grasp on me.
The medication and swollen joints weigh down
The burden of gravity is unwillingly found.
Alas! One could only guess my words ‘fore now
They all wonder how my eleventh finger grew
Even if I knew…one would assume a silent vow-
It’s not like a lady to kiss and tell…
T’was a wish on a dehydrated wishing well
In which I found my true destiny…
A rabid cat popped out to wrestle with me,
It conquered the battle and won the war
Bit my wrist to a bloody core
But no more would it bleed after while
Honey child…a thumb popped out
The doctors wondered how that cat had magic
They sent me flowers for they thought the digit tragic…
I accept the metamorphosis
And you better bet I get the looks
Oh, if only it were true, though
One day it just started to grow
And like my rambling
And Uncle Fred’s gambling-
It, too, was a force of nature…
I am now the crack baby of the Savior.

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