By Tricia Whyte

Hey there Rasta I don’t know you, but I want too
Dress in your khaki suit you seem so cool
Hey there Rasta I don’t know you
But I will love to attend your Soul school

I want to learn what is to be love
To know the touch of a mans hands
You see I enrolled in a boy’s class
They never completed my tasks

Hey there Rasta what is your sign
Come over here and feed me your line
Fill me with your sweet talk
While we wine and dine

Teach me how to dance to your rhythm
Show me the steps, promise I will follow
Release me from these chains of sorrow
And I will wake up with you tomorrow

Hey there Rasta, I don’t know your name
Come over here I not playing any games
I need to be taken on a higher ground
You seem fit to wear that crown

Educate me in the ways of above
I will be your humble student
You don’t have to be scared
I will shield you with my love

Hey there Rasta, I need you
Come on over, let do this scene
You keep my nights warm
And I will shelter you from any storm

What I need is healing
I need to be taken to a place
Where loving is given,
I want to feel it crawl deep within
When we create a new sin

When you touch my lower back
I want my body to respond
Like an addict without crack,
Simple gestures I will accept
Only if it is to keep me in check

Rasta you don’t have to be on me 24/7
I take it from 7 to 11
Along with five nights of sweet heaven,
Hey there Rasta you don’t know me
Trust me we will be

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