Relentless Love

By  Regina McIntosh

Unending grace, relentless love
Poured out from the hand
Of a God who gives us all we need
Joy, hope and complete peace

He fills our hearts with eternity
Endless light reflecting our quiet
Elation, without any uncertainty
Euphoria dancing, gentle jubilation
Through our souls, across our lives
Reminding us to give generously
Love that is vibrant, colored in hues
Of kindness so astonishing it grows
Flowers of gratitude, thanksgiving
To the One who blesses to the uttermost

Magnificent mercy, like a beautiful song
Resonating affection, wonder and love
Thriving in the shadows of stardust wishes
Bold and brilliant rays of sunny adoration
Lifting wings of gracious elegance, fading
Into the edges of a dream so free to imagine
A belief that is sure, wise and filled with
Inspiration, adoration, praise of the Creator
Who brought us His everlasting compassion
Forgiveness of every sin, each iniquity
Every cloud of shame, dread or darkness

With love like His, we can always believe
Our hearts will be filled with reverence
For His wonderous gift, His amazing grace
The victory of a hope that is complete
Because it was erected on the cornerstone
The One and only Jesus Christ, the Son
Who gave every believer a new song, a new life
A second chance, a way to change, a freedom
To love with a heart who is filled with His spirit.

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