Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day (Love Sosa)

By Malcolm London

Chicago has emerged
A duplication of Rome
A coliseum of world-wide spectators
Eyelashes stapled to eyebrows
Corneas wide
And waiting on the next Tribune article
On the latest body count
Millions of viewers
Anxious to hear the next ‘bang bang’
From the pistol mouths of black boys
Hear the applause for more audio
An audience of jackals
Cackling and cheering on
The symphony of corpse pile up
Here in Chicago
Every tongue is mimicking the art of the barrel
Barrels of blood
Burials of young
Through YouTube videos
Hip hop blogs
Radio play
Glory chasing boys
Singing songs of drug trade
And gun range
Of home
They are gladiators fighting on a battlefield
Where the landmines
Police who don’t care to protect
News anchors who don’t dare report
Schools who are only there to punish
But when the gladiator tells his own story
He blows up
Chief Keith
Got signed to Intrerscope with a movie deal
Shy Rack
Trended on twitter
As a joke
13-year-old rapper Little Mouse
Has about 36 thousand followers
Is on Wayne’s mix tape
Hear the dedication we have for this music
We love to dance to it
We love to listen to it
It’s so real
So hood
So real
So real
Black death
Bullets in Chicago
It is happening
It is urgent
More bodies being added to the list
At 300
And there is no ignoring this
And we don’t
We turn up
This music
Louder than a mother’s cry
For her funeral home children
We glorify
In Chicago
When black boys get killed
Chiefs alike
And police
But who benefit from this?
No mother
No brother
No sister
No son
No daughter
No aunt
No uncle
No grandma
No granddad
No father
No cousin
No homie
No rapper
Likes to write eulogies
But who benefit from this
Arena of black boys
Revered and disposable
But spears for hearts
Armor skin
And crowds chanting for tombstones
South and West side don’t enjoy building new grave yards
While we dance on top
But who benefit from this?
Who took our love in hip hop
And turned it into love
In hip hop and lanler
We rachet
We hood
We laugh
Like we not wrapped them body bags
Rap about body bags
Gold chains
And decked out chariots
Our hoods
Cesspools of blood
And violence
Who who?
City planner
Benefit from this? These
Gladiators don’t sleep on skeletons just because they have a bone to pick
Who benefit from this?
Who profit from this coliseum of black boy gladiators
Celebrated for their carnage
Murdering for the world to watch

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